events_moorhead_130This site is the personal blog of Richard Moorhead.  Richard is Professor of Law and Professional Ethics at UCL Faculty of Laws. From mid-September  2019, he will be Head of Law, University of Exeter Law School. You can follow him on twitter @richardmoorhead.

All opinions expressed here are personal to the author.  Guest posts are similarly the opinions of the guest poster.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Is there any chance you can fix your RSS feeds? They only have the headlines, not the actual body of the post, thereby defeating the point of having an RSS subscription. ]

    (great blog by the way)

  2. Andrew,

    Thanks – not really my kind of post by the sound of it – sorry. Happy for you to link if you want.

    Best wishes.


  3. Richard, I like the blog and I get alerts by email, but recently those alerts have been just links to articles elsewhere. I can’t read them even if the link works (which it often doesn’t) so I may have to unsubscribe. I will keep following on twitter so hopefully if you post on the blog I’ll see it.

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