Lawfest #2 Law as a human flourishing

Law is a human business, made of human politics, and – a more neglected point – a place of sometimes great human flourishing.  The talking, the listening, the writing, the thinking all have the social and (sometimes) the creative at its heart. I cannot capture in words how incomparably excellent Lawfest was last time.  I’ve never left any conference quite so fizzing with ideas and energy and hope. Those of you who know me will be surprised: the sometimes dyspeptic, angry, critical tone of the blog is not a pose and gushing is not my style, but if a cynic such as me can come away refreshed and invigorated, then anyone can, and most will.

Last time practising lawyers from the bar, in-house and solicitors, their partners, and legal academics all attended. It really does work for everyone.

You can book here. It’s cheap enough for most pockets and all training budgets. The profits go to charity.

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