Corporate Lawyers + Corporate Clients: Power, Practice & Privilege

Birmingham Law School are hosting an ESRC sponsored two-day symposium on ‘Corporate Lawyers and Corporate Clients’, organised by Dr Steven Vaughan,  June 29 and 30.  You can book here.  I’m giving a keynote, but the rest of the programme is excellent!

Over the two days, we will explore various aspects of large law firm practice, including: the relationships between corporate lawyers and their clients; lawyer’s ethics; lawyer independence and the rule of law; legal professional privilege; law firms, businesses and human rights; legal risk; the changing role of General Counsel; bribery and corruption; lawyers’ duties; talent and inclusion; and conflicts of interest. Thanks to the ESRC, the conference is free to attend.

Paul Philip (Chief Executive, Solicitors Regulation Authority) will open the conference. Our keynote address on the Monday evening will be by Richard Moorhead, Professor of Law and Ethics at University College London. There are, in addition, 33 other speakers, from the Legal Services Board, the SRA, the Law Society, partners in large law firms, in-house lawyers, consultants and academics from the US, Australia, UK and wider EU. A full programme will appear in due course on the project website:

One thought on “Corporate Lawyers + Corporate Clients: Power, Practice & Privilege

  1. Corporate lawyers may assist in the negotiation of contracts or acquisitions. Whatever the case, the client’s business and legal interests are always at the forefront of the corporate lawyer’s mind.

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